keith cotlier

Update May 2015

Took a long break from the podcast. This summer I'll whip-up another episode. Been super busy at my work with Frame It Easy and the other framing stuff I work on. I've been checking out some other podcasts like Marc Maron and Microphone Check on NPR. If you haven't heard those, do yourself a favor and fire up your itunes podcast directory and give them a listen.

Podcast February 2014

Podcast numero two playlist! Took a long time to get back to my podcast because I moved to Cheshire, Connecticut. Thank you to my friends who egged me on to do another episode.

OFF! – Black Thoughts
Steel Pole Bathtub – I Am Sam I am
Sperm Donor – Human Warehouse
Replacements – Customer
Dead Kennedys – I Kill Children
Melt Banana – Free The Bees
Vultures – Alcohol
Minor Threat – Screaming at a wall
Lord Fowl – Moon Queen
Chumps (NYC) – Swamp Rats
BELLS> – No More Water
EULA - Dirty Hands
Whitey - Straight A's
Death - Freakin Out

Thanks to Isaac Smith for the excellent podcast illustration. More Connecticut bands on this because the 'unite of die' state rules and more people need to hear these bands to know the truth! PLEASE: share this podcast on your social media account to spread the word if you like these bands.

Podcast April 2013

Podcast numero uno playlist! Some punk and some noise rock. Download or stream some good music!

Fang – You’re Cracked from Where the Wild Things Are
Cable – Black Leather Mustache from Northern Failures
The Lost Riots – I Was the First, Never the Last from the Downtown 7 Inch
Cows – Mine from Cunning stunts
Pile – Number One Hit Song from Magic Isn’t Real
Kimono Draggin – Bluesville from Kimono Gold
Spelling Bee – Solstice from Caterwaul
Soulside – God City from Soon Come Happy
Glazed Baby – Me Siamese from Handgun EP
Penny Winblood – Wish You Harm – Self Titled CD
Atrina – Thrush and Thrasher from In Planetary Sugar
Indian Summer – I Think Your Train Is Leaving from Science 1994
Torche – Letting Go from Harmonicraft

Big thanks Adam Taylor for the great illustration he created and let me use for this podcast and for the icon used in itunes. Also, I want to thank Jennifer Reynolds for supporting this podcast from the inception. Thank all the bands who’s music I scrounged up for the show.